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Fort Wayne, IN 46804
(located off Engle Road between Ardmore & Smith)

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                                                          One Client ● One Trainer ● One Goal


Rebecca is the owner of Beyond Personal Training Studio. Rebecca is a Certified Personal Trainer from the American Council on Exercise and a Certified Golf and Conditioning Specialist. For over 30 years Rebecca has been promoting better health through fitness and strength one person at a time. Beyond Personal Training is about commitment to the individual, working as a team to create a healthier lifestyle. Rebecca’s main interest is to assist, guide and educate others who wish to experience a greater ease and physical ability in their lives.

Fitness Professional
Improved Strength
Greater Flexibility
Higher Endurance
Better Balance
Cardiovascular Health
Optimum Body Weight
Learn Correct Form
Prepare For A Sport

Do you want to function better in your every day life or increase your performance? You can achieve your goals. Whether you want to lose weight, regain flexibility, or simply feel good again, personal training is affordable to you. Personal Training helps relieve boredom and will give you motivation that you need. We offer an individualized fitness program specifically designed for you.

Drive Further
Prevent Injuries
Get Healthier

You can improve the level of your golf game with our “Strength on the Links” Program. With two months of strength training combined with specific stretching exercises, you will begin to see improved body composition, increased joint flexibility and increased muscle strength, enhanced joint flexibility and increased club head speed. In addition, conditioned golfers typically have longer drives, lower scores and fewer injuries during the subsequent golf season.

“Rebecca is the only Trainer in Fort Wayne that, I feel, truly understands golf fitness along with its nuances. She is the only Trainer that I trust to help my clients reach their true potential – she has helped me increase my flexibity, strength and stamina and helped add 20+ yards off the tee.”

LPGA Class A Teaching Professional

Package Choices:

20 Personal Training Sessions
15 Personal Training Sessions / 2 Dietary Consults
15 Golf Conditioning Sessions / 3 Golf Instructions

  • Nutrition Consultations with Mona Mourad Smith RD, CD, CDE, CPT Dietitian
  • Golf Instructions with Suzanne Noblett LPGA Teaching Professional